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David Beveridge Speaks at SE's MedTech Distribution Bootcamp - 12th September 2017 - Click for larger version David Beveridge Speaks at SE's MedTech Distribution Bootcamp - 12th September 2017

Macdonald Henderson’s head of corporate, David Beveridge was delighted to speak at the MedTech Distribution Channel Bootcamp co-hosted by Scottish Enterprise, Global Scot and Scottish Development International on Tuesday 12th September 2017 at Apex House in Edinburgh.

Aimed at companies within the medical technologies and devices sector who are planning their market strategy, seeking to access new markets or looking to expand their presence in existing markets, this event sought to inform and support SMEs looking at planning a distribution network strategy.

It also provided guidance on how to get the best out of a route to market using distributors or agents to provide the necessary sales force, local expertise and contacts, whilst at the same time understanding the risks and limitations of this market channel.

Medical technologies and diagnostics form the largest subsector of Scottish Life Sciences in terms of employment and exports. In order to successfully penetrate new markets, they often rely on distributors to provide the necessary sales force and contacts.

However this is not an approach without risk and understanding the needs of the distributor is vital to a successful partnership.

The event took the form of a series of presentations with Q&A and the further opportunity to arrange one to one meetings with speakers at the end.

David was joined on the podium by a terrific line up of speakers including Global Scots John McKenna and Craig McLaren (both respected thought leaders of the medical devices sales & marketing sector), Emilio Contini (founder of Artech srl, a leading Italian distribution company), Cass McNamara (founder and CEO of Birthsparks, an award winning birth support products sold in 61 countries), Sharon McKendry and David MacCallum (both senior representatives of SDI) Dr Michael Marck (University of Strathclyde) and all chaired by Jane Pritchard of SE’s International Networks team.

David was delighted to share his knowledge on what a distributor contract looks like, including terms and conditions, things to include/what to avoid and geographical and cultural considerations.

Macdonald Henderson is proud to have supported this event and knowledge share in what is an important export sector for the Scottish economy.

Last updated: 8.28am, Wednesday 13th September 2017

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