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Alan McKee presents to Award winning Insolvency Practitioners, 8th March 2012

Alan McKee delivered seminars to Award Winning Insolvency Practices MLM CPS and BDO UK LLP on 8th February 2012 and 8th March 2012 respectively.

Alan is regularly instructed in specialist personal insolvency litigation in terms of s.40 of the Bankruptcy (Scotland) Act 1985 by Insolvency Practitioners in Scotland. Alan has been successful in achieving significant recovery and realisation of assets from the sequestrated estates of debtors who refuse to co-operate with their Trustee.

Alan was invited to present to the staff who are involved in the administration of the personal estates of insolvent parties. The purpose was to give a better understanding of the legal tests and practical issues which arise in order that actions which would have potential to lead to a recovery and in turn render significant dividends to creditors can be identified and raised in the courts.

Alan received terrific feedback from the organisations and was delighted to be invited to present.

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