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Macdonald Henderson Triples Value of Deals Completed in 2014 - 27th March 2015 - Click for larger version Macdonald Henderson Triples Value of Deals Completed in 2014 - 27th March 2015

We are delighted to note Macdonald Henderson's continued inclusion in the top fifteen Scottish law firms in terms of number of reported corporate deals completed in 2014, together with a trebling of aggregate value of deals completed in the same period to approximately £40m (to include non-disclosed deals).

Covering acquisitions, disposals, management buyouts, investments, mergers and restructures, the deal table (published and reported by the Business Insider Magazine (Issue - March 2015)) is a fair barometer of the deal activity going on in Scotland.

Overall, Scottish headquartered legal firms completed (reported) deals of £24bn in 2014 compared with £15bn in 2013, a marked jump, and we are pleased to have kept pace with this sector trend, which has continued into the first quarter of 2015.

Some positive thoughts:

• UK CEO’s are the most confident in Europe.
• 3 out of 5 believe there to be more growth opportunities than three years ago.
• Banks are open and eager to lend into the right deals.
• Scotland’s flagship sectors including (food & drink and financial services) continue to perform.
• Scottish companies are continuing to attract interest from overseas investors.

However, there are significant cross winds to consider:

• Oil prices causing significant upheaval - though not all businesses are disadvantaged.
• Political uncertainty #1 – General election in May 2015.
• Political uncertainty #2 – possible EU referendum thereafter.
• Political uncertainty #3 - Fiscal policy under a potential new government.
• All of which could lead to slowdown in deal activity (in the same way as the Scottish Independence referendum in 2014)*.

As a small firm, where the average size of businesses above Macdonald Henderson in the deals table are 40 plus - partner law firms, we are delighted to maintain our place among the top performers of Scotland's professional advisor community.

*Excerpts of copy from Business Insider March 2015/PwC comment.

Last updated: 3.58pm, Friday 27th March 2015

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