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Macdonald Henderson acts for Estendio in Fundraising - 25th November 2015 - Click for larger version Macdonald Henderson acts for Estendio in Fundraising - 25th November 2015

Macdonald Henderson is delighted to have advised Estendio in securing funding from Gabriel Investments, to allow development of a minimum viable product for its first app Present Pal, to be piloted shortly with the University of Strathclyde.

Estendio aims to revolutionise the educational development of dyslexics by delivering innovative software products and services.

The company has won The Herald Digital Student Business Award 2015, and finished runner up in the Converge Challenge Kickstart Award.

Nearly all individuals who have dyslexia struggle to make presentations, due to their poor working memory. There is no current solution for this problem, and as presentations count towards a large percentage of their grades, students with dyslexia are put at a disadvantage.

Present Pal will be the first of a series of assistive apps for dyslexics. Replacing paper prompt cards or scripts, Present Pal runs on a smartphone or small tablet and creates the optimum conditions to help dyslexics through the challenges of giving a presentation, by preventing overload in the working memory, instead encouraging use of the compensated stronger long term memory.

Having suffered dyslexia all his life, CEO and founder Chris Hughes, working with partners Barry Hochfield and Craig Rattray, has identified several new features and functions for learning support software that significantly help dyslexics perform various learning and presenting activities much more productively.

Chris commented:

"I am delighted to be given this opportunity by Gabriel Investment Syndicate and Scottish Investment Bank, especially at such a young age. It was a very smooth deal and I am very happy how quickly we were able to meet our conditions and complete our diligence. Fraser (Morrison) was brilliant - not only in helping us complete the process but also in advising strategic decisions. It was clear Fraser took a real interest in what we were doing and the service rendered by Macdonald Henderson was first class”.

We congratulate Chris and the company on the achievement of this milestone.

Last updated: 4.29pm, Wednesday 25th November 2015

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