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West of Scotland Insolvency Forum raises £4,316 for Sepsis Charity – 2 May 2017 - Click for larger version West of Scotland Insolvency Forum raises £4,316 for Sepsis Charity – 2 May 2017

As chair of the West of Scotland Insolvency Forum, Macdonald Henderson's head of Corporate Recovery, Alan McKee was delighted to help raise £4,316 to the Fiona Elizabeth Agnew Trust (FEAT) last week at the annual West of Scotland Insolvency Forum Quiz night.

The Forum is a group of dedicated Corporate Recovery professionals who advise, represent, and assist businesses and individuals in financial distress.

The group meet monthly between October and April for an educational seminar series and discussion forum to share knowledge and experience.

The group finish off the educational year with what is fast becoming a significant social event in the business calendar in Glasgow, the Annual Quiz Night at the Grand Central Hotel which took place on 27st April 2017.

With quiz having attendees in excess of 250 the opportunity was taken to raise some money for charity and a local sepsis charity based in the heart of Glasgow was the beneficiary this year.

The audience was moved by Craig Stobo’s (husband of Fiona Agnew) story of the rapid and devastating effects of Sepsis, which tragically took the life of his wife and daughter within hours of contracting the condition.

Special thanks must be attributed to GMG Asset Management (UK) Limited and TLT Solicitors who generously donated the fantastic prizes for the raffle to allow such a fantastic sum to be raised.

It was a great privilege for Alan and all of the members of the West of Scotland Insolvency Forum group to have the opportunity to assist in making a positive difference.

For more information on sepsis and FEAT please visit:

Last updated: 11.33am, Tuesday 2nd May 2017

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