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Macdonald Henderson Advises The HALO Scotland on partnership with CGI - 15th August 2018 - Click for larger version Macdonald Henderson Advises The HALO Scotland on partnership with CGI - 15th August 2018

We are pleased to advise Macdonald Henderson’s role in advising the HALO Scotland on its innovative partnership with CGI a leading global IT services provider, that will create further employment opportunities at the Kilmarnock urban regeneration initiative.

The agreement will see the HALO and CGI work collaboratively to develop technologies that will provide young people and current workforces with the skills in cyber, digital, space technology, health and finance to needed to excel in tomorrow’s world.

One of CGI’s key areas of expertise is in the space industry and Steve Smart, Vice President of CGI in Scotland, will lead this element of the partnership. Steve has played a key role in CGI’s UK Space, Defence and National & Cyber Security business where he worked directly with the European Space Agency (ESA).

The innovative partnership between CGI and The HALO is designed to:

• Enhance the HALO’s employability initiatives for young people in Ayrshire by harnessing CGI’s technical expertise to focus on cyber and digital skills, supporting the proposed spaceport at Glasgow Prestwick Airport.

• Utilise CGI’s business know-how to support innovative start-up, step-up and scale-up entrepreneurial businesses, particularly those that specialise in cyber and digital technologies.

• See the HALO and CGI establish and develop research and practical learning partnerships with education facilities such as Glasgow Caledonian University and Ayrshire College with a particular focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects.

• Engage CGI with Ayrshire College to create a Children’s Innovation Centre/Nursery of the Future and work with students to further develop the concept which will be based at the HALO.

• Develop technologies to support Digital Health and Social Care at a commercial, local and national level.

The HALO Kilmarnock is an imaginative, innovative and inspirational regeneration initiative located on the site of the former Johnnie Walker bottling plant in Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire. It is being shaped as a multi-faceted brown-field regeneration that will create a unique urban park with a dynamic commercial, educational, cultural, leisure and lifestyle quarter.

Marie Macklin CBE, Founder and Executive Chair of the HALO Urban Regeneration Company, said: “CGI is a massive global IT provider and I am thrilled to see this industry leader become the latest partner of the HALO’s urban regeneration initiative.

“I am thrilled that CGI, with its extensive experience in the IT and space industry is joining us as part of the HALO project. The HALO will work collaboratively with CGI to support the Glasgow Prestwick Airport spaceport project as the UK, Scotland and, of course, Ayrshire takes significant strides in the space industry.

“CGI will also support the HALO’s continued vision of providing our young people with the cyber, digital and also space skills that will be needed to make an impact in tomorrow’s world.”

About Macdonald Henderson’s role, Ms Macklin commented:

“Without the fantastic HALO projects legal team at Macdonald Henderson (and in particular Fraser Morrison) these Partnership announcements are not possible. I want to thank Fraser for all his hard work and effort on delivering yet another legal completion, which in-turn will create job opportunities for our communities in Ayrshire and Scotland”.

Last updated: 3.14pm, Tuesday 14th August 2018

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