Corporate Recovery

At the right time, sound and experienced insolvency advice is essential. 

If you have a customer or supplier who seems to be insolvent, you need to know where you stand; we can assist.

If you are a bank or other lender and hold security, we have experience in insolvency appointments such as liquidation, receivership administration and sequestration.

If you are a company director there may be implications for you personally in the company's insolvency; we can advise.

If you are an insolvency practitioner, we have a strong track record in obtaining formal appointments up to Court of Session level across a range of sectors, together with providing onward advice on the administration/liquidation as the case may be.

What we can do for you

Our expertise involves the following areas:

  • insolvency options
  • enforcing securities
  • directors duties on insolvency
  • acquisition of assets from insolvent companies
  • debt recovery and advice on debt procedures
  • personal insolvency

We realise that companies in financial difficulties require advice which is not only accurate but also practical and prompt. We aim to assist clients who are in financial difficulty, or clients with customers or suppliers in financial difficulty, as quickly as possible. We can suggest commercial solutions to legal problems.


Michael Hankinson (Director)